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IQ - Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering


As one of the few universities in the country with three medical schools, engineering, nursing and a new computation department, MSU is well positioned to produce novel biomedical solutions.

Research at IQ follows an integrative approach to interdisciplinary scholarship. Teams are built horizontally around themes, and vertically by the technologies they will leverage to conduct their work. Current and future themes within the institute include:

Engineering Life – cell biology, stem cell
Life in Motion – kinesiology, cell movement
Chemistry of Life – metabolism
Controlling Life – optogenetics, neurobiology, RNA
Biomolecular Basis of Life – genetic circuitry, early detection, development, defects
Organization of Life – computational biology, computer modeling, systems biology
Life Back from the Edge – infection/immunity, therapies, cancer, enhanced surgery
Devices for Life – orthopedics, artificial hearing, vision, AI, chips/biosensors

Chris Contag, director for IQ, explains his vision for IQ.